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Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence of your company helps to understand all the intricacies of its legal registration process and diagnose the true state of legal health of the enterprise. Provided recommendations will optimize your work to achieve the best results.

Due Diligence of potential counterparties will warn you against the risks and prevent possible problems in future business relations.

The main services:

- Legal analysis of corporate documentation, contracts, internal documents, activities and individual transactions of the enterprise in order to establish their compliance with the law, major risk assessment analysis;

- Analysis of the financial and economic state of the enterprise, development of an optimal scheme for transaction financing;

- Legal examination of documents confirming rights to assets;

- Legal examination of the history and grounds for the property rights emergence;

- Drawing up a conclusion on the consistency of the documents, on the existence of legal risks of loss of property, on the grounds for bringing claims by third parties;

- Legal audit of company expenses, including labour protection;

- Analysis of the state and history of the future counterparty in terms of potential solvency and transaction risk;

- Review and development of internal documents of the company on the protection of trade secrets.