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Land Law

In times of rapid and dramatic legislative changes in the area of land law, the legal assistance provided by Globus Law Firm will be valuable in addressing any land issues.

Our long-term experience, combined with a creative approach to solving specific problems, will satisfy the most demanding customers.

The main services:

- Providing advice on land use;

- Legal analysis of documents on land, determination of the scope of landowner’s rights, analysis of existing risks of loss of land, development of recommendations concerning land tenure;

- Examination of draft documents relating to land acquisition to ensure their compliance with the current legislation, the existence of hidden grounds for refusing the acquisition of a plot of land and its enforced confiscation;

- Preparation of the necessary documents for land privatization and legal support of the land privatization procedure;

- Preparation of necessary documents for free land acquisition by legal entities and legal support of the procedure for registration of land ownership;

- Legal analysis of land transactions (development of civil contracts, legal analysis of existing draft contracts, participation in negotiations and the procedure for concluding contracts);

- Providing recommendations regarding the execution of title documents for land;

- Preparation of conclusions on the change of the purpose of the use of land, development of recommendations regarding the selection of the optimal purpose of the use of land, preparation of the necessary documents and legal support;

- Providing advice on land tax payment and determining land fees, analysis of documents for the conduct of monetary (normative and/or expert) land valuation, appellate approval of tax liabilities for the land tax (administrative and / or judicial appeal of tax notification decisions);

- Legal support of the procedure for obtaining a plot of land (operational advice, preparation of additional documents, appeal of possible refusals or inaction of executive authorities, local self-government bodies or their officials);

- Pre-trial and court settlement of disputes regarding land relations.