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About work organization of Globus Attorneys at Law during the quarantine

21 March / 2020

Dear clients, business partners, friends!

Because of the quarantine measures that were introduced throughout Ukraine, Globus Attorneys at Law announces a decision to limit the direct participation of our specialists in events and meetings.

This decision was caused primarily by the intention not to jeopardize your safety and the safety of our employees.

At the same time, Globus Attorneys at Law continues to provide legal services to the same extent as before.

We offer to transfer our work with you to the online format and will try to make such a transition as comfortable as possible for you.

For a long time, we have been effectively working in a similar format with many clients, from whom we are at a considerable distance, therefore we are able to provide high-quality legal support using various online services.

Our experts, as before, are available to our clients remotely: they will consult you by phone, take part in an online conference, prepare and send you all the necessary documents by e-mail.

We also inform you that some courts have now restricted or prohibited access to their territory, and the Supreme Court has explained to the parties of trials their right to appeal to the courts with the request for adjournment of court hearings in connection with quarantine. We control the current status of each of the cases in which we represent the interests of our clients, however, during quarantine, for the reasons stated above, we will not be able to ensure their speedy consideration.

We guarantee that during this difficult period, our clients will receive all the necessary legal support from us.

Hoping for the best and believing in a successful resolution of the situation, we are nonetheless ready for any development of events and will help you overcome all the obstacles that may get in your way.